Our Guiding Development Team

Our Guiding Development Team deliver fantastic training & support for our adult volunteers and events & activities for our young members in all sections.

The Guiding Development Team in Angus works to provide allour adult volunteers with quality training opportunities and to support them in running their unit. 

Our team is made up of several advisors who provide support on a variety of topics such as the Leadership Qualification, Going Away With Scheme, Peer Education and GO. 

We also offer a wide variety of training sessions throughout each year to give leaders the chance to learn new skills, obtain new information, keep skills up to date and meet other leaders from around the county. We work with other leadership support teams from surrounding counties to offer trainings as part of Grampian region alongside our county training calendar and work together to offer flexible training opportunities. 

We aim to provide all leaders with updates which may be important to them running a unit or let them know about new ways to learn such as webinars and e-learnings. 

Some of the trainings we have run have covered:

  • Safe Space levels 1, 2 and 3
  • First response
  • Programme
  • STEM/Science in the unit
  • Young Leader Qualification
  • Growing Guiding
  • Unit Finances and Gift Aid
  • Social Media for your unit
  • GO and GO for Commissioners